Understanding The Moving Process

5 Hacks To Make It Easier To Pack Your Clothes When Moving Long Distances

Moving to a new location far away is an exciting prospect, but it can also cause a lot of stress. The most daunting part of a big move is usually packing up your personal belongings in such a way that they will be safe and arrive at your new home undamaged. This includes your clothing, because clothes are not kept in neat little boxes that can be easily transported, many people are at a loss as to the best and easiest way to pack clothes for a long-distance move. Here are 5 hacks to help you pack up your clothes in no time:

1. Bag Up Clothes While Still On The Hangers

Start by sorting the clothes in your closet by length. Put all your short skirts in one pile, shirts and blouses in another pile, long skirts in another pile, and dress pants in another pile.

Then, grasp 10 hangers of similar-sized clothing and put a large trash bag over them. Use your fingers or scissors to cut a small hole in the center of the bag so the hangers poke through, but the clothes are protected inside the plastic.

Next, pull the drawstrings at the bottom of the bag closed so all the clothing is safe inside. This will keep your garments clean during the move.

Finally, secure the tops of the hangers together with twist ties or zip ties to keep them from falling back through the hole in the trash bag. Continue bagging up 10 hangers at a time until all the clothes in your closet are covered and ready to be transported to your new home.

Use decorative washi tape to label each bag so it goes into the appropriate room once you arrive at your destination.

2. Wrap Dresser Drawers In Plastic

It's hard to move a dresser that has drawers filled with clothes. The best way to take care of this task is to remove the drawers from the dresser, and take off any knobs or pulls. Put them in a plastic bag and tuck the bag into a corner of one of the drawers.  Keeping the clothes inside the drawers, simply wrap the drawers up in plastic wrap. For the best protection, wrap the plastic around the drawers lengthwise, then again widthwise. Now you can pack the drawers of clothing just like boxes.

3. Pack Shoes Separately

If you kept the shoe boxes, then packing your shoes will be pretty easy. Simply put each pair of shoes into their box and then fill a bigger box up with the shoe boxes. But most people don't keep these boxes, so the next best thing is to wrap shoes in plastic grocery bags to contain the dirt on the soles, and then put them into a box. If your shoes have special decorations or are made of delicate materials, you can first wrap them in several layers of tissue paper prior to putting them into a plastic bag. This will keep all your pairs of shoes together, and prevent them from damaging other items.

4. Utilize Air-Tight Storage Bags

The air-tight storage bags on the market today are perfect for moving because they can condense items so they take up much less space. Also, these bags are waterproof, so everything inside will be protected.

5. Use Suitcases And Duffle Bags

Suitcases aren't only used to pack clothes for a tropical vacation; they are also great for packing items when you are moving long distances. Rolling suit cases are great for heavy items, because you don't have to worry about lifting them. Instead of putting empty suitcases and duffle bags into your moving truck, use them as packing containers. Smaller cases and bags are great for accessories and jewelry. Larger cases can be filled with clothing and books. Just make sure you place heavier items on the bottom to make the most of the space, and so the items packed on top don't crush anything.

For help with your long-distance move, contact a professional moving company, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving.

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