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Tips to Help You Keep Your Storage Unit Pest Free

Renting a storage unit is an ideal option when you need a place to keep some of your personal belongings, and you can choose from various sizes and locations. You will also have the option of selecting a unit that is temperature controlled or one that is not. The more affordable option is to choose one that is not temperature controlled; however, units that do not have heat and air are typically more prone to pest infestation. Here are some tips to help you keep pests out of your rented storage unit.

Know the Threats

Before you figure out ways to keep pests out of your unit, it is important to understand what types of pests pose threats to storage units. There are multiple types of pests that can end up inside your unit, and these include the following:

  • Mice—Mice are the most common type of rodent to find their way into storage units. This happens primarily in the winter when they are looking for someplace warm to live, but it can also happen in the summer. Mice can get in through extremely small cracks, and they can damage your things. They will eat through plastic, wood, and cardboard, and they leave droppings wherever they go. Mice are also known for carrying diseases.
  • Cockroaches—Cockroaches are a common bug found in storage units, and they can also carry diseases. They do not eat a lot, but they can reproduce quickly.
  • Moths—Moths are an annoying pest to have in a storage unit because their young like to eat through cloth items. They also multiply quickly, and they can cause a great deal of damage to personal belongings.

These are some of the main threats you will face with your storage unit; however, many self-storage facilities offer pest control services. This is something you should ask about when renting a unit. Professional pest control services can minimize the issues you have with bugs and rodents in your storage unit.

Avoid Placing Things That Attract Pests in Your Unit

Once you understand the potential risks you have, you should also find out what types of items to avoid placing in your unit. Certain items you have may attract bugs and rodents, including these:

  • Scented items, such as candles or holiday decorations
  • Food items, or anything even remotely close to a consumable item
  • Living plants of any kind
  • Any personal item that may have crumbs or food debris on it

These are the types of items pests are attracted to, and pests can smell the scents from a very far distance.

Steps You Can Take to Reduce the Risks Even Further

Finally, there are several additional things you can do to reduce the risks of having pests in your storage unit. The first thing you should do is thoroughly clean everything you plan on placing in the unit. If you are going to store appliances, clean them thoroughly to make sure there are no food remnants of any kind on them. If you plan on storing couches or chairs, you should vacuum and clean them first.

Next, you could consider placing cedar blocks in your storage unit. These are great for repelling moths, and they may also help repel other bugs and rodents. Another option you could try is mothballs, or you could try using lavender. Lavender has a fresh scent and is also effective for keeping pests out of a storage unit.

To keep mice out of your unit, you could place mouse traps inside. You could also place peppermint oil around the unit. Mice do not like peppermint oil, and they will run the other way when they smell it.

These are some tips that can help you protect your things while they are being stored in a storage unit. Now that you have some ideas for how to protect your belongings once they're in storage, contact a facility in your area like Colfax West Self Storage.

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